Denise is one of the kindest, most compassionate and selfless women I’ve ever met.  Her connection to the angels & spirits/crossed loved ones is second to none.  Her delivery is pure, heartfelt and spot on.  If you’re looking to connect with a loved one in the spirit world, she’s the one you want to see! You will not be disappointed.  She has changed my life in a way I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to put into words.

Jaimie Fox , Psychic Medium, Nashville TN


I was a skeptic before visiting Denise, but she made a believer out of me by validating things only the communicating spirit and I would know. She showed evidence of the spirit's personality without ever knowing my loved one. I felt my loved one was right next to me, and her reading helped ease the terrible grief I was experiencing. It was the most important step I took to move my life forward after losing my loved one, and I would do it again

Alexandria C., New Jersey



 I met Denise earlier this year when my partner invited me to attend a group reading. I am a word person so I went to her website to read what she had to say about her gift and how she delivers messages from the spirit realm. I was immediately taken by her authenticity and willingness to not try to place "square pegs into round holes", as she puts it. This was also evident at the group reading. I have too often, seen other mediums coaching answers from people and Denise does NOT do this. She tells you plainly what spirit is conveying. It was beyond fascinating. At the age of seventeen I lost my father to leukemia, he was fifty-two years old. We had a complicated relationship although he was a great father, I have no memory of him ever telling me that he loved me. He showed it in many ways but never actually said it. I am the youngest of five children in a very large extended family so there were many many people that could have come through. At the second group reading that I attended, my father came through to tell me  that he loved me and never wanted to let go. It was the real deal. I am beyond grateful that he chose HER to deliver his message through. It would not have been believable coming from anyone else, when you meet Denise you will understand why I said that. She is a highly gifted,warm, loving, brilliant ball of fire in this otherwise predictable world.

Patti York, New Jersey




During my reading, Denise Marie had told me that a woman stepping forward with a ‘S’ name and is showing me a cross. Asking me if I had my mother’s crucifix. How would Denise know it was my mother. I said no, my mother’s last name was Cross and her first name started with an S. Then Denise was explaining this ‘S’ woman showing symbols to me a cross, flowers, and mosaic tiles and a star ornament. At the time being so excited to have Denise reading me and having my mother step forward, I pondered about these things after the reading. 
Once I got home and settled I looked up to thank Jesus for a lovely day and as I stepped forward to the cross hanging in my dining room, the design on it was mosaic tiles and the other cross is blue with flowers, and hanging below it was a Star Christmas ornament. So basically that told me that my mother is with me. How I know this, is those things weren’t something anyone would know about unless they were physically in my home. I never met Denise Marie until the day of the reading. The best part was when Denise Marie said that my mother was holding her head as to say someone had just recently had a head injury. That she was there. My son had just been in a motorcycle accident just three days prior to the reading. I hadn’t  told anyone that he had a concussion or An accident ,until days after.
Thank you for letting me participate in the reading at the Historical Burn Brae Mansion in Glen Spey, NY. 
I’m a believer! 

Ruth E. Consiglio, New York


Denise is the real deal, and an amazing person to have a reading with. I've gone to Denise on a number of occasions when I was looking for some direction in my life or had unanswered questions. What I love most about Denise is that she explains everything and how this works, has a great sense of humor, and is gentle and sensitive during what can be some emotional moments when messages and loved ones start to come through. The messages that I received and the connection to loved ones that have passed were exactly what I needed, brought healing and comfort, and helped me when I needed it. She relayed bits of information that nobody else could have known, which confirmed for me exactly who came through. The best of all was my brother Nathan... after 22 years since he passed telling me what I needed to hear to love myself and accept his passing. Thank you Nathan even though you were a slowpoke (in my world), and a million thanks to Denise! Denise, I would pay twice what you charge to sit for a reading with you. Truly gifted and an angel among us.

Julie Taylor McDonald, New Jersey


I have had several readings with Denise over the years. She has not only brought through loved ones with complete accuracy but she is one of the most humble, compassionate and caring people that I know. When Denise connects with loved ones on the other side you can feel the love in the messages that she brings through and you walk away knowing beyond a doubt that she has a special connection with her Angels and Guides. I feel blessed to have met Denise, she is an amazing person with a heart of Gold.

Cindy Plume, Radio Host of Keeping it Real with Cindy, Key West, Florida


I would like to start off by saying that I WAS a skeptic, that being said, here we go… I have known Denise for over 10 years now, and through that time I have come to know her and trust her implicitly. After my first reading with Denise I realized that through her I had become a believer. Denise has a gift that she uses so compassionately and utterly changed the way I think and feel about where we go when our time here in this life is over. Through her I was able to know that old friends and family that have passed are never really far away. Some of the things Denise revealed to me could only have been from the other side, there is no other way she could have known the information she relayed. I can only sing her praises for she has restored faith in an old skeptics ( now believer's)  heart. Thank you for what you have given me, the comfort is priceless.

Michael Rogers , Singer/Songwriter, New York