The Joys And Struggles Of Being A Psychic Medium

It was 3 years ago, almost to the day, that I opened my spiritual practice of being a Psychic Medium. I was 42 years old and had the gift my whole life. My memory dates back to the young age of ten. I would see people. People I had never met. And I realized fairly quickly that I was the only one who could see them. For a ten year old this was scary stuff, but now as a grown woman, I knew it was my soul’s purpose. And it was finally time to begin.
I sat down at my dining room table, spiced chai tea in my favorite mug, and opened my laptop. It was Thursday, October 17th, 2013 and I was off from the Chiropractic office I worked in. It was early and I had just walked my son to school. A cloudy day outside, but the breeze was nice in the house with the windows open. My dog was laying on the floor on my feet. I opened my computer to Facebook and created my business page, Halo Readings. To this day I don’t love the name, but I knew I wanted the word Halo in it and that was the best I could come up with as I was very anxious to get started. I added a profile picture that was a selfie I had taken earlier that week, and a cover photo that I had found somewhere in Facebook land and that was it! I had a business page. It was a good feeling and I knew it was the beginning of a long journey. Next I started inviting people....
I practically begged my friends on Facebook to like and share my page. I was a big pain in the butt and I knew it, but I was excited to begin sharing my God-given gift with the world. Most of them were extremely polite and happily clicked like. Some even shared it on their own page so their friends and family could like it.  I was elated.  Then the best thing ever happened. I got my first appointment. It doesn’t really matter that he was my cousin, an appointment was an appointment. Then I got a second, and a third. By December I was up to 100 likes on Facebook, and established my business with an LLC. I was official.
Fast forward to present day. In business for three years, I have a website, I am booked with appointments every week, and have over 2,000 fans on my page. Within the three years I took classes and attended seminars with world renowned mediums and well known authors. I learned that meditating really helps me tune in to my spiritual team, which consist of my guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on. One of the classes I took early on was a Tarot class. I am a medium, yes, but I felt stupid just sitting there waiting for messages from the other side while my sitter was staring at me.  So I found the Tarot to be a lovely distraction that allowed me to pause when a message from spirit was coming through. And to my surprise, my spirit guides helped me read the cards so they are super accurate and very informative, so it gives the reading more bang for your buck, so to speak. Sometimes more than one spirit comes through, and I have had as many as eight for one person, so the reading would go over an hour a lot of the time.  I never charged extra for that. 
So back to the JOYS and STRUGGLES part of the blog.  The whole reason I started writing this is so that anyone who ever entertains the thought of going to a medium, can have better knowledge of what it takes for us to be able to do what we do. And hopefully it will give you an understanding that it’s not always easy for us. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s a piece of cake. But spirits, just like the living, are stronger in some areas than others.  Let me explain...  Depending on their personality, some spirits come through very strong, very straight forward, and their messages are crystal clear for me. The living doesn’t always know who it is that is coming through because it could be someone they haven’t seen since they were younger, or it could be someone who passed on before they were born. A lot of the time, you come to the reading with the hopes of connecting with a certain loved one who passed and because you are so focused on that, you will miss a lot of other spirit messages of those that are eager to say HI. It does not matter to spirit if you were not very close while they were here on earth. Spirit doesn’t need to have been your best friend or relative to show up.  To them it’s exciting to see you and they know that through a medium they get that chance to say  “Hey, I remember you and I’m doing just fine!” Human ego is gone. A lot of emotions are gone when we pass. There is no more anger, jealousy, or hatred. The only thing that’s left is love. And they love us more than ever before. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the intense amount of love spirit is making me feel for my client. It’s as if my body can’t even contain all of it. One other emotion I have had from spirit is concern. They will show concern if they feel you are hurting yourself or others. But if you are worried that they are still angry with you because of the fight you had while they were alive, think again. They let it go and so should you. All is forgiven with a nice, clean slate. 
My job as the messenger is not always joyful. Most of the time it is. I am filled with gratitude and am happy to serve the spirit world. I thank God every day for this gift. But there are times that it can be very frustrating. Remember, the messages I am receiving are for YOU, not me. I have no idea what your life is about. I don’t even ask for your last name prior to your reading. The less I know before hand, the better. This way I have a clear mind when going in and the symbols and messages I receive from your loved ones are evidence that they are still with you. I receive messages in symbols that I see clairvoyantly. This includes words that are written in the air, initials, and basically any picture that spirit wants to manifest for me to relay the message. Once I was giving a reading to an older woman and her husband was coming through. I did not know this was her husband until afterward. He just came through showing me that he was an older male, around his late 60’s. He showed me how he passed by giving me a sharp pain in my chest. My client then confirmed he had died of a heart attack. I asked the spirit for his name. I asked him about three times before he showed me a picture of a goose. You can imagine my embarrassment when I couldn’t give my client a name. But I trust spirit, and I certainly do not argue with the dead, so I told her about the goose. She burst into tears at that moment and told me that her husband’s nickname was Goose.  
I have worked closely with other mediums, and I am fortunate to have a few close friends who have gifts as well. And I have had many discussions with them about the spirit world. I have had questions such as, Why can’t spirit just step forward and hold a conversation with me telling me everything I need to know to give my client their messages? And we all agree that we wish it was that easy.  The truth is, spirit does their best, using energy to show symbols, letters, words and their image. They expend energy to give their messages clairaudiently  so we can “hear” what they say, or “hear” a song that resonates for them. ( I put the word hear in quotations because what we hear is not an audible voice, although it is not uncommon to physically hear spirit from time to time. ) They give us messages through thought, showing us scenes and pictures to be able to pass on to the living. They give us feelings and spirit chills.  Goosebumps on my arms is how spirit validates for me that the messages I am giving are correct. You see, spirit is never wrong. The messages they give are always correct. But a medium is human, and can interpret the message coming from spirit incorrectly. We can only go by our own frame of reference. Which means spirit can give me a symbol that means more than one thing. For instance, if spirit were to hold a martini glass above my clients head, I would automatically think their favorite alcoholic beverage was a martini. But that’s not necessarily true. Spirit could be trying to tell me that their first or last name was Martin. It is my job to stay with that symbol and try to help my client connect to the message. This part is not always easy. The messages shouldn’t be forced to fit by the client. In other words, don’t try to make it fit. If you can’t interpret the symbol or message, write it down and go back to it later when your mind isn’t reeling. Most likely you will have a better understanding of the messages and who was coming through. 
A reading can seem scary if you have never been to a medium. Be sure to ask questions upon scheduling your appointment to ease your mind.  Some may be worried that they will hear bad news. All I can say is, for myself I don’t allow spirit to show me bad things such as, I don’t know when you or your loved ones are going to die. Who would want to know that?? Not me! So I choose to keep it light while still giving you validation of your loved ones standing next to you. It is truly a beautiful experience if you are open to it. 

With Love, Denise Marie