Avoid Negativity No Matter What


I have learned so much about people lately. I know I have stated in an earlier blog that I am a bit of a late bloomer. So this is really no shock that I would have thought more of people until recently. I am known to be too trusting, and a little too caring. Especially to people who don’t share that feeling towards me. I’ve decided that I prefer spirit over humans any day of the week. And my Dog, of course. She loves me unconditionally.

Believe it or not, cliques still exist long after you’ve graduated High School. People will still dislike you for no good reason, or just because “there’s just something about you.” People will be rigid, and only see their side. They will forget all the good you have done. Some will be passive-aggressive, and others more obvious. They will not be concerned about your feelings. At all. You might be a bit surprised when this occurs. You will feel that way because you care more than they do about the friendship/relationship/etc. It’s a sad day when you realize the people you have cared for and surrounded yourself with do not like you. But your next emotion will set you free. The one that speaks louder than all of them combined. The one that reminds you that you know who you are. You know your character. And these people’s opinions about you are just that. Opinions. This does not define you. It may shake you up momentarily wondering what you did. But here it is in a nut shell... You Did Nothing. My advice to you is to have yourself a good cry, and maybe a glass of wine, and let it go. The people who love you still do. Your friends who are truly your friends, are still there. Your family that never left your side, they’re there too. And your partner/spouse who never wavers because they see the real you every day, they’re there. Love the ones who love you. Leave the ones who don’t.

It is always easier for people to be phony to your face and smile and kiss you hello. It is easier than showing their true colors. Because, they know deep down inside that those colors are not pretty. Kindness is beautiful. True kindness that comes from your heart. Not the superficial kind. The kinder you are on the inside, the more you will glow on the outside. Compassion for others is hard to come by. You will see this as well. Stay strong. Stay true to who you are, and don’t wish them any ill-will. Just happily move forward with the ones who are steadfast and true. Absorb yourself in the ones that truly know you, and appreciate your friendship. And when you look in the mirror, don’t forget to smile. God sees how you’re doing. You’re doing just fine.

With Love, Denise Marie