I Am A Medium

The first time you say it out loud to someone other than your own mother is REALLY awkward.  It’s a mix of being scared that people will either not believe you, or think you are bat sh*t crazy, or both. But “coming out” is such a liberating experience that eventually as you continue doing your lightwork, you realize it doesn’t matter who thinks you’re nuts. You are following your soul’s calling. Your mission in this life is to help people connect with their loved ones in spirit. And what an awesome job that is! I can’t tell you how many times I have cried because of the overwhelming feeling of love when spirit steps forward to give their messages to my client. It is truly a beautiful experience, and I feel beyond blessed to be a part of it. 
I realized at a very young age that something was going on. I just wasn’t sure why, and not fully sure what it was. I tried describing it to my mother at age 9 or 10. She would tell me it was just a dream or have some other explanation that didn’t make sense. I wanted to believe it was just a dream. I was scared. I didn’t want spirit trying to talk to me. I felt them in my room while I was trying to sleep. They would sit on my bed. Sometimes they would shake my bed. I didn’t know how to make it stop. Looking back I know they weren’t trying to frighten me. They just wanted me to relay their messages. I also didn’t know that all I had to do was simply ask them to go away and they would.  I never told any of my friends what was happening. I went to Catholic school and the subject is very frowned upon. So for that reason, I never told anyone but my mother. Until the following year.....
My Grandpa Gene was in the hospital. I was 11 years old at the time when my mother and I went to visit him. He was not my maternal Grandfather. He was my Grandmother’s second husband. I still called him Grandpa. I remember greeting my Uncle Sam when we got to the room. As a child growing up in an Italian family, the rules were when the adults are talking, children go elsewhere. I sat on the other side of the hospital room by the other bed which was empty. I sat down in a chair by the window. As my mom and Uncle were discussing adult things, my mom noticed I was staring blankly at the empty chair next to me. She asked me what I was looking at. I described the woman sitting in the chair next to me. I described her hair, her face, her dress and shoes. My mother looked over at Uncle Sam, and with a shocked look on his face confirmed the woman I described as Grandpa Gene’s mother. I had never met her. She died before I was born. 
I am so glad those days are over. I have come very far since then. But every day I am still learning the language of spirit. Since I am only the messenger, spirit will try to communicate in ways that both me and my sitter will understand. For instance, when spirit shows me Liberace, I know that means that they were gay. If spirit comes through as a shadow, it means they passed from suicide or died tragically. Plenty of times they show me random pictures of donuts, and car emblems and at that point I just repeat what I see and 9 out of 10 times the sitter knows exactly what that means. And since I insist on not knowing anything but your first name before a reading, it’s more validation for the sitter that their loved ones are communicating. 
I still try to take at least one or two classes a year so I can learn how to strengthen my gift so I can help more people connect with their loved ones that have crossed over. I also now teach others how to communicate with spirit so they don’t always have to go to a medium to receive messages and signs. Every one of us has the ability to do this. I do also know that proper training is required before you try it on your own. Like myself, most of us are born with this gift, but still need to learn how to psychically protect yourself from lower energies. 
I love what I do. I could not do this without God. And with the help of my angels and spirit guides, I am happy to relay the messages from your loved ones so that you may know that they are always with us, cheering us on, watching our back, and loving us even more than when they were alive.
With Love, Denise Marie