How I See Spirit

I get asked a lot what spirits look like when they show themselves to me. Most people think I see them just the same as I see humans. Not true. When I see spirit they actually look like a photo negative, like the one pictured above. I see a white outline of their face, head, body, etc. And I cannot physically see color. They are transparent and not opaque like human flesh.  When a spirit steps forward during your reading, they don’t always show themselves right away. They will mostly begin by making me feel (clairsentiently) if they are male or female. Then I will either hear a name or they will show me symbols that I can see clairvoyantly. Some symbols are letters, such as the initials of their name. Then they will show themselves to me. Most of the time it’s just  their face and hair. Other times it’s their full body. But although I don’t physically see the color of their hair or skin, they send me the impression in my mind of what it is. Same goes for their clothing. I can see the suit or shirt or dress, but they tell me the color in my mind. 
Like any other Medium, I can shut it off when I need to. And I do! I am the one in control.  But there are times when spirit is so persistent that I feel compelled to give in because it’s necessary. But I do not read people in the supermarket and I don’t do it randomly. If I have a spirit who is persistent and I feel it’s a good idea, I will ask the person first if they mind me giving them a message. You must remember not everyone accepts the fact that there are spirits walking among us every day. 
I had one of those persistent spirits recently. I was at my therapist’s office for my monthly appointment, and I sat down ready to begin my session of telling her what was new in my life, when the spirit of a woman stepped forward next to the Doctor. I saw her and asked her telepathically to wait until my session was over. She just could not wait. She kept showing herself to me brightly. When I tried to avoid looking at her, she had five Blue Jays appear in the tree outside the window directly behind my therapist. At this point I couldn’t concentrate on my own session any longer. 
I asked my therapist if it would be okay for me to give her messages, and she agreed. She knows what I do and has always shown respect for my work. I apologized for cutting our session short, but spirit needed to be heard more than I did. I proceeded in my normal fashion and told her what I was seeing. The spirit of a woman late in her years, with short brown hair and a big smile. She was very old when she passed but gave me the impression of having the energy of someone 30 years younger. She showed me the letter M, which my therapist later confirmed was the first initial of her name.  I quietly asked spirit how she died. She showed me a picture of lungs, then she turned them black. She died of lung cancer.  She then proceeded to show me symbols of the life she had and the things she loved. She also gave me the first initials of her children. During this session of spirit showing me symbols, she allowed me to also hear and feel other messages that a picture couldn’t convey. So I was able to tell the doctor things that would give evidence of her loved one standing next to her. At the end of the session we were both laughing and teary eyed. She was extremely happy for the visit from her loved one, and confirmed everything I told her to be accurate. 
I left the office that day feeling better than usual. My therapist often makes me feel better by validating my existence in this world when I am not feeling my strongest self.  So I was more than happy to reciprocate by validating the existence of her loved ones in spirit. 
We are all here to help each other grow. Just as water makes plants grow, LOVE makes people grow. 

With Love, Denise Marie