The Daily Torture Of Being An Empath

If you are an empath, like me, then this blog will totally resonate with your life. If you are not, then hopefully this will help you to have a better understanding of someone who is.                                              
Being empathic is an understated adventure on a daily basis if you don’t know how to protect yourself. By protect yourself, I mean spiritually. Otherwise, if you don’t you are putting other people’s problems, fears, and emotions into your invisible back pack.  You are unconsciously absorbing the energies of others every day.  It can be a simple phone call from your best friend who is having problems at home. She is not doing anything wrong. She only called to get things off her chest and might not necessarily be looking for advice, but just needed you to be a sounding board. Harmless, right? Not if you are an Empath it’s not. Unless you block yourself , you will carry that around with you all day. Sometimes longer. The key is to listen, but not absorb. Respond, but don’t react. Don’t put her problems in your back pack. Before you know it if you’re not protecting yourself, your back pack is now too heavy and it’s weighing you down. You feel tired even though you got eight solid hours of sleep. You can’t find the energy to go to the gym. Work is depressing you because you have no motivation and you just want to eat pasta and cake and watch T.V.   This is called Empathic Overload.
The above paragraph is true. People constantly want to talk to me about their problems. They feel very comfortable opening up, even if they’ve only known me for a short time. This makes me happy. I want to be a sounding board for anyone who could use it.  It’s part of what I do and why I am on this journey. However, I am only human. I probably don’t block myself as often as I should simply because I get lazy. Even though it only takes two minutes of my morning, I think I can handle it, or I just have too much going on that day between work and family to bother. And then I get fatigued and tired and that’s when I get angry at myself for not protecting myself. See? Vicious cycle. 
The worst part about being empathic is I can’t be around large crowds of people. I can’t go to NYC with my friends and take the path train. I can’t go to the Jersey Shore during holiday weekends. Actually, I stay away from going on the weekend altogether. I would much rather go on a Monday or Tuesday when it’s not crowded. I don’t go to clubs. And I am most likely to be the first to leave a party or a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. There are times I would rather hang with my dog, but for the most part, I love people. But I FEEL everything. I feel when someone is unhappy, uncomfortable or angry even if they don’t show it openly. I feel sadness and depression. I feel drug addiction and abuse. I feel the good stuff too, like happiness and joy. I feel love from being around happy couples, or from a parent and child. But the one thing I wish I didn’t feel is when someone doesn’t like me. I could live without being privy to that information. Knowing that they are being nice to you because they have to be instead of because they want to be kind of sucks. 
The upside to all of this Empath biz is that while I am giving readings, I feel your physical ailments. Why is this an upside, you say? Because it helps me connect with the person I am giving a reading to. If you hit your head that day, I will feel it. If you have anxiety, I will feel that too. And when spirit comes through to give you messages, they will sometimes give me chest pains to let me know they passed of a heart attack. Or if they were an alcoholic, they will make me taste beer. But that actually is a psychic trait called clairgustance, which means clear tasting. 
Either way, I am not complaining.  I just like to vent every now and then, just like anyone else. But always being the listener for everyone, it’s nice to be able to blog and let it out here.  :)

With Love, Denise Marie