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An Evening With Spirit

Come join Denise Marie on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at

Celtic Corner Restaurant and Pub

The evening will be filled with loving messages from the Other Side. Spirit wants you to know they are still with you, and they will share their most prized possession - their memories. Denise can physically see spirit. They will show her their face, hair, clothing, and certain features that stand out (crooked teeth, etc.) They will make her feel their personality, emotions, and how they passed. They will show her things that are going on in your life and other family members since they have passed. This is to prove to you that they are still very present in your life.

Denise has been communicating with spirits since she was four years old. Growing up Roman-Catholic and feeling conflicted, she pushed it away most of her life. She made a decision as an adult to embrace her gifts and come out to the world so she can help the living heal from the loss of their loved ones.

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